De slag van de krater

Raoul Cauvin (author of screenplay), Lambil (illustrator)
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Target audience:
9-11 years and up, 12-14 years and up
Wanneer generaal Grant bijstand vraagt aan generaal Alexander stuurt die laatste hem Blutch en Chesterfield. Het 22ste cavalerieregiment is na een nieuwe aanval van kapitein Stark toe aan herstel, en de generaal houdt niet van werkloze soldaten. Eenmaal ter plaatse, treffen de twee soldaten een belegering die blijft aanslepen. Twee eenheden proberen de stad Petersburg in te nemen, die wordt verded
De slag van de krater
Author of screenplay
Raoul Cauvin 1938-
Original language
Original title
La bataille du cratère
[Marcinelle]: Dupuis, 2019
46 p. : ill.
9789031437641 (paperback)

About Raoul Cauvin

Raoul Cauvin (born 26 September 1938) is a Belgian comics author and one of the most popular in the humorist field.


Raoul Cauvin was born in Antoing, Belgium in 1938. He studied lithography at the Institut Saint-Luc in Tournai, but upon leaving school found that there no jobs available for lithographers. He started working at Dupuis in 1960 as a cameraman for the small animation studio the publishing house had started, working on early Smurfs cartoons and other short movies. After a few years, he started writing comics and has since become one of the most prolific Franco-Belgian comics authors, almost always staying true to Dupuis and the weekly Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou. Some of his earliest work was for artists like Claire Bretécher, Gennaux and Eddy Ryssack.

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