About George Fitzgerald

Prof George Francis FitzGerald (3 August 1851 – 22 February 1901) was an Irish academic who was Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy (1881-1901) at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). FitzGerald is known for his work in electromagnetic theory and for the Lorentz–FitzGerald contraction, which became an integral part of Einstein's special theory of relativity. A crater on the far side of the Moon is named for him, as is a building at TCD.

Life and work in physics

FitzGerald was born at No. 19, Lower Mount Street in Dublin on 3 August 1851 to the Reverend William FitzGerald and his wife Anne Frances Stoney (sister of George Johnstone Stoney and Bindon Blood Stoney). Professor of Moral Philosophy in Trinity and vicar of St Anne's, Dawson Street, at the time of his son's birth, William FitzGerald was consecrated Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross in 1857 and transl…Read more on Wikipedia