About Chico & The Gypsies

Chico & the Gypsies is a French musical formation of rumba catalana, flamenco and Latin pop and rock tunes led by Jahloul Chico Bouchikhi, who was one of the founders of the Gipsy Kings. After he left the Gipsy Kings due to differences with the band, Bouchikhi formed Chico and the Gypsies in 1992.


Chico & the Gypsies is made up of:

  • Jahloul (Chico Gypsies) Bouchikhi - frontman, guitar
  • Joseph (Jose Gypsies) Gautier - guitar, lead vocalist 2009 to 2020. Joseph Gautier aka Zuzep went solo in mid 2020.
  • Christophe (Kema) Baliardo - solo guitar
  • Jean (Tané) Farre - guitar
  • Jean-Claude (Mounin) Vila - guitar, vocals
  • Alain (Babato) Bourguet: guitar, vocals. Babato was suspended from the group around 2017 following accusations by a woman of sexual assault. He never returned to the group.
  • Jean-Pierre (Rey) Cargol Baliardo (son of Hippolyte Baliardo and nephew of…Read more on Wikipedia